Writing a character profile ks2 sats

As you can tell from my name I am a foreigner.

How to Create a Character Profile

She would also go on the residential trips with us and encourage us to try new activities and would also join in with us. I bet you can work out who he is named after. My interests out of school revolve around my family and my two springer spaniel dogs.

Or some Douglas Adams? My hobbies include reading, theatre, films, sixties pop music, boxing, running, walking and cooking- though not necessarily in that order. My not so secret skill is that I love to bake and make a mean Coffee Sponge!

You might be interested to learn that I fancy myself as a bit of a dog whisperer. I loved reading as a child and still do now, but my favourite books remain constant. My favourite teacher at school was not surprisingly the music teacher Miss Aldis. The Worksheet provides a place for you to note that fact so that when you read over your final draft you can see if you achieved your particular character development goal for that character.

Unsurprisingly I have worked with books and literature all my adult life. He gave me inspiration to follow my dreams and remains a source of great respect and many happy memories. However, I was praised for having an expressive face and superb comic timing.

Any opportunity to dress up and I am there! A surprising thing about me? Lewis, Roald Dahl and more recently Harlan Coben. When I was at school, my favourite teacher was a music teacher though I have forgotten her name. My favourite teacher at school was a science teacher called Wendy Sibley.

When not involved in various dog activities, I enjoy sewing and other crafts. It did get a bit boring so I kind of escaped to this dandelion looking thing, I tried to get a bite but Miss Hooker got a bit jealous and put me back in I love his use of characters.Character description (KS2 resources) Character based literacy activities including character description activities, narrative writing ideas, worksheets, posters and templates for KS1 and KS2.

A printable character profile template for creating rounded characters before writing a story. Use this collection of character profile activity sheets to describe the personality, feelings and looks of a range of characters from known stories or to help your children to invent a new character within their own story writing.

KS2 Character Profile Blank Activity Sheets (1 member review) Classic Collection KS2 Creative Writing 4/4(1). Story writing, recounts, non-chronological reports, personal writing, and letter writing using National Curriculum aims and success criteria.

This supports teaching on ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ by Michelle Magorian.

KS2 writing composition – poetry and prose, reports and recounts, diaries and descriptive texts

It is designed for Year 5 students to meet the objectives of the National Curriculum. Key Stage 2 books Characterisation-TES Powerpoint This is a short unit (approx 50 minute periods) which aims to improve students ability to create effective characterisation in creative or personal pieces of writing.

How to Create a Character Profile

Powerpoint consists of extracts of character descriptions from a variety of books with question prompts to explore author's viewpoints and methods of description.

This can be used to show how description can be 'weaved in' to writing rather than just a list of characteristics/ features/5().

Writing a character profile ks2 sats
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